Saturday, June 7, 2014

At The Top of North America: Jing / Coombs, 在頂部北美

Climber Jing Wang with AMS Guides Colby Coombs and Dan Corn reached the top of Denali last night at approximately 7:30 PM Alaska Standard Time.



They were up at 5:30 am to check on the weather.  The early morning started out a bit too windy to attempt a summit bid safely so they waited to see what the weather would do.  As it turns out, by 12:00 noon, the weather was nice and began the climb to the summit at 1:00 pm.  They made excellent time in a 6.5 hour trip to the top.  Colby said the weather just kept getting better all day; and they had some moderate winds at 20,320' when he called in from the top. They planned to take their photos and head straight back down to high camp right away.

This team has had an incredible climb,  just six days to the top is noteworthy.

View of Denali and Mt. Hunter tonight, from Talkeetna, AK.

Top of North America, Denali! 20,320', Brian Okonek photo

AMS team climbing up the final portion of Denali's summit ridge on June 6, 2011!

The West Buttress Rout, NPS photo

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