Thursday, June 19, 2014

Custom Mt.House and Mountainering Course: Stroud 6/18

A custom mountaineering course and stay at the Mt. House lead by AMS instructor and guide Alex Stroud departed today after one day of waiting for the weather to clear. Team Esparza is wonderful and we are thrilled to be with them on this adventure into Denali National Park's Ruth Glacier.

Tiberio and Suzanne preparing to ascend fixed lines.

First Ever Teamphoto on the fixed lines! Tiberio, Suzanne, guide Alex Stroud
They will be basing out of the Mt. House.  It is on the smaller rocky outcropping in the lower right of photo, 10 miles as the bird flies, from the top of Denali seen in this photo's skyline.
The Mt. House and Ruth Glacier

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