Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CWVC Mountaineering Course, 6/3-6/14, Hoeschen and Denali Custom Traverse, 5/25, English: Return!

AMS guides Josh Hoeschen and Karina Amortegui, flew back today from the Pika Glacier with a great group of guys, all combat wounded veterans out for a challenge in the Alaska Range! They learned a lot of mountaineering skills such as anchor building, crevasse rescue, winter camping, roped travel and experienced a variety of Alaska weather. Check out the pictures below: 

AMS team putting training to use, traveling roped from the basecamp. 

AMS guide Josh stoked to be out on the glacier. 

AMS Combat Wounded Veterans out for a Challenge in Alaska! 

AMS climber Price modifies a prosthesis liner made from proflex with silicone for better flexion for Keith to improve his newfound mountaineering skills. 

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