Saturday, June 7, 2014

Denali, West Buttress: 5/23: Opp and 5/25 AG- Japan: Stroud

The AMS May 23rd Denali Team lead by Nate Opp moved to 17,200 high camp today from 14,200'.  As did the AMS May 25th AG Japan Team lead by Alex Stroud.  The move is a long day and a lot of hard work.   I'm sure they are all tired and thrilled to be there.

AMS climbers on the fixed lines climbing the headwall 15,400'-16,200'
AMS climbers approaching Washburns Thumb on the 16K Ridge, on the way to high camp, 17,200'

Pano View of high camp, Denali Pass, 17,200'
Pano. of the view from high camp, looking at the Kahiltna Glacier, Foraker, hunter and many peaks of the Alaska Range

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