Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Denali West Buttress, 5/26, Forest Wagner

AMS guide Forest Wagner called in a few minutes ago.  He said his team is doing great.  They still have some time to rest at 14,200' camp, but they are getting ready to make a carry to high camp in the next day or two.

Forest said that his team and Nate Opp's team were "doing great" at 14.  They are both happy to be there.

Forest thought that West Buttress 5/25 led by Larry Holmgren and Denali Traverse 5/26, led by Dustin English were probably moving up to 14 today as well.  It sounds like a great day to be moving around Windy Corner.

Forest's and Nate's team will have lots of water and hot drinks ready for any new AMS teams rolling into camp.  They will also have some good camp spots scoped out for Larry and Dustin.  We don't reserve or save camp sites for other teams, but we do what we can to give the arriving guides the low down on the best place to roll into so they don't have to spend 20 minutes walking around camp figuring it all out.

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