Monday, June 16, 2014

Denali West Buttress, 6/12, Mike Hamill

AMS Guide Mike Hamill just called in from 11K a bit ago.  He and his team made it to 11 this morning and are doing really well.  Mike said it was snowing and blowing all day and was still doing the same tonight.  None the less, they made the move in good style and are planning on doing their back carry tomorrow.

When they moved up this morning Mike's team would have pulled all of their wands (3' skinny bamboo markers that act as real life "bread crumbs") up until their cache site somewhere near Kahiltna Pass.  From their cache site up to 11K they will place at least 1 wand every rope length,  but knowing that the weather was poor they probably put even more wands in place.  That way tomorrow morning if the vis is still bad, they can just follow their wand trail down to the cache site.  Then they pull the wands that they no longer need as they go back to camp.

That is just one of the many things the guides do up there to make white out travel a little easier.


CelticGal2 said...

Well done Team Hamill.

Harmony said...

Nice to see the delay hasn't hindered the progress.