Saturday, June 21, 2014

Denali West Buttress 6/16, Tumolo and 6/12 Hamill

AMS Guide Todd Tumolo phoned in from 11K a few minutes ago.  He and his team are taking a rest/weather day today.  Todd said that the weather could be good enough to have carried today albeit socked in and snowing.  There was no wind whatsoever at 11.  Todd's plan is to carry to Windy Corner tomorrow.

Todd has been in radio contact with AMS Guide Mike Hamill at 14K.  Weather permitting, Hamill was planning on making a carry up high on the 16 Ridge today.  Todd didn't know what the weather was doing up there, but thought that it might be a fine carry day.  Who knows?


Karen said...

They really are making good time,,,, Good job to everyone!

Harmony said...

Good job!
Thank you for the Team Hamill update.