Sunday, June 29, 2014

Denali, West Buttress, 6/25: Gowler, 6/24 Hoeshen

We just received a text from the June 25 Team led by Rob Gowler.

Last night / early this morning they made their carry and cached at 10,000', they are now back at their 7,800' camp.  They report it was cold last night and the team moved well and with out a hitch. It is now hot and they are enjoying a well earned nap. They are planning another early (3:00 am) start to move to 11,000' tomorrow.

They saw the June 24 team led by Josh Hoeschen moving to 11,000' camp and they were doing well and enjoying their climb higher.   

Pitching the tent properly is constant task and requires good teamwork. Brian Okonek Photo

View from the top of ski hill, the team covered this terrain early this morning! View looking south down the Kahiltna Glacier.

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