Friday, June 27, 2014

Denali, West Buttress ALL AMS TEAM Updates

It has been a very snowy on Denali this season.  Lisa, the flight service basecamp manager, thinks this may be a record breaking snowfall year!  Basecamp currently has 40" of snow,  and the climbing season will end with more snow than when it began!

All of our teams are doing well, they are waiting to move higher.

The AMS 6/23 Expedition led by guide Melis Coady and our 6/24 Expedition led by guide Josh Hoeschen are at 7,800' (camp 1).  Over 3 feet (1 meter) of snow has fallen on them in the last 24 hours.  They are doing lots of shoveling!  they have plenty of food, fuel and shelter. They are keeping warm and are in good spirits and health. They are waiting for the weather to improve before they make their move (and break a new trail through this deep snow) higher on the mountain.

View of 7,800' camp

Noah Ronczkowski 6/22 Expedition are at 11,200' Camp. They received over a meter of snow as well.  They are shoveling out their camp and waiting for the weather to improve and snow pack to stabilize.  Winds are light with stronger gusts coming from the west.  Noah reports that all are in very good moods and are doing well awaiting better climbing conditions. 

A team leaving 11 K Camp, on a clear day.

Todd Tumolo leading the 6/16 Expedition at at 14,200 camp.  Yesterday they reported that they had about 3 feet of snow and we are sure they have received more last night as well.  They are sitting tight in camp and enjoying their rest days, all are in good spirits!

View of 14,200 Camp
The June 12 AMS expedition led by Mike Hamill remains at 17,200'  they are all feeling strong and awaiting the weather along side several other teams.  They are doing well!   We have had teams wait up to 11 days at high camp for weather, we wonder if that record will be broken this year...?

AMS at 17,200' high camp, Denali pass, a stormy but clearing weather day.

Climbers enjoying the view from the 17,200' High Camp Balcony

Our final Denali West Buttress 6/25 team led by Rob Gowler is experiencing the "Talkeetna Hang".  The snow on the mountain is rain, rain and more rain in Talkeetna.  The team is keeping busy with classes taught by AMS Guides Rob,  Adam Fabrikant and Karina Amortegui.


Karina demostrates duffle packing

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Sheree said...

Thank you for the updates, pictures and reassurances that everyone is doing well.
Hoping the weather improves soon, and the teams can advance.