Sunday, June 29, 2014

Denali West Buttress Team Updates

We just received a call from the June 16 Team led by Todd Tumolo.

Tumolo's team are at 14,200' camp waiting for clearer weather, all are doing well.

They reported that the June 12th team led by Mike Hamill is also at 14,200' after summiting, earning a well deserved rest and renewal by power napping, eating, and drinking hot drinks. Their plan is to continue descending later this evening.

AMS Ronzckowski 6/22, Coady, 6/23 and Hoeschen 6/24 teams are all doing well at 11,000 camp. Reports are saying that Windy Corner is living up to its name and was too windy to move higher. When the conditions calm down, they will continue up to 14,200' camp.

AMS previous crew descending from 14,200' camp, which hopefully Hamill's crew will be doing soon.

AMS guide Adam Fabrikant after a cold summit day: now we know why guides have such beards, to keep the snow and ice off their face.

AMS crew descending around Windy Corner.

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