Friday, June 6, 2014

Foraker, Sultana Ridge - Coady Returns

The Foraker Team with Guides Melis Coady, Josh Hoeschen along with teammates Mary and Loren returned to sunny warm Talkeetna today! They enjoyed warm apple pie, watermelon and other snacks as they unpacked their gear.  Everyone enjoyed the climbing experience. They braved 9-days of high winds while camped at 11,700 feet on the Sultana ridge and unfortunately ran out of time for a summit push. They did have to climb two peaks on the descent back to basecamp so feel like they still got a lot of worthy climbing in. There is already talk of returning to finish the climb.

Guides Melis and Josh sorting gear

Mary's dogs Brooks, Roan, with Mary, Loren, Carol and Maggie Mae

Mary's dogs were very happy to see her.  Good friend and fellow climber, Carol happily dog sat while Mary was on Foraker.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Mary & the Foraker Team! You really put yourselves to a test. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for posting all the updates.

Mary's family