Monday, June 9, 2014

Denali, West Buttress: 5/23 Opp, 5/25 AG Japan: Stroud, 5/26 Custom Traverse: English, 5/25 Holmgren, 6/8: Duncan/ Postle: Expedtion updates

AMS Guide Nate Opp leading the May 23 Team just phoned in from 14K a few minutes ago.  Brian Cross, one of the climbers on Nate's team, wanted to wish Riley GOOD LUCK in Soccer!

Nate said the weather at 14 wasn't great at the moment.  It's good enough to travel down toward base camp, but he and his team might just sit tight and head down tomorrow.  He said they were doing great and were psyched on the great trip.

AMS 5/25 AG Japan Team lead by Alex Stroud and Noah Ronczowski are planning on heading down tonight. Weather depending they will be back at base camp early tomorrow morning and will hopefully be able to fly out tomorrow as well.   

However, Mark Postle, Melissa Arnot and Kevin Duncan are still in Talkeetna waiting to fly into the Range to start their expedition.

AMS team Mark, Melissa, and Kevin ready to go.

AMS Denali, 5/26 Custom Traverse expedition lead by Dustin English said he has a great team with Kevin, Dave and fellow guide Michael Gardner.  They are planning on moving up to 17,200' High Camp tomorrow if the weather allows them to do so.

AMS Denali, West Buttress 5/25 expedtion lead by Larry Holmgren are still dug in and waiting for a summit day window up at High Camp.

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