Sunday, June 8, 2014

Denali, West Buttress: 5/23: Opp, 5/26 AMS/AG Japan: Stroud SUMMITS, and a few other updates

Both AMS teams, led by Nate Opp (5/23) and Alex Stroud (Custom 5/26) summitted last night and made it back to camp last night as well.  They are all doing great, albeit a little tired.

We talked to Alex this morning and he said that his team and Nate's were going to leave HC and start making there way back to Base Camp soon.  He also said that the weather was OK on the upper mountain.  Haven't heard yet if Larry Holmgren and his team are making an attempt today or not, stay tuned.

It is flyable in Base camp this morning: cloud deck is pretty low here in Talkeetna.  Talkeetna Air Taxi (TAT) is hoping to go in a scoop up the AMS folks waiting at Basecamp to fly out this morning.

Brian Okonek photo of some climbers walking down from the Summit.  The summit is in view in the back ground of the photo.  It's not the high point in the picture however.

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