Sunday, June 22, 2014

Denali Updates from 6/12 Hamill and 6/16 Tumolo

AMS Guides Mike Hamill and Todd Tumolo both called in today.

Mike said that his June 12 crew is all doing well and have acclimated quickly.  If the weather allows them to, they will try to move up to high camp tomorrow.

If the weather was then perfect the day after tomorrow they would think about giving it a shot.  If it's not perfect they'll wait.  Now they are at the mercy of the weather.

Todd and his June 16 team started to make a move today, but the weather wasn't conducive so they turned around and are back in camp at 11K.  They went to the top of Motorcycle Hill this morning.  Todd is hoping to give it another go tomorrow.

View of 14,200' camp and looking southwest at Mt. Foraker 17,400'

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Sheree said...

Great news for Team Hamill. Thank you for the update.