Friday, June 13, 2014

Denali, West Buttress - 6/3 Team Norway: Cleary, and 5/26: Holmgren

AMS Guide Beth Cleary just called in from 14 camp a bit ago.

Their team is doing well and had a great time yesterday carrying to the top of the fixed lines as well as retrieving some caches from some earlier AMS expeditions.  Beth said that it was cold and windy yesterday but they had a good time anyway.

They are hoping to move to high camp tomorrow if the weather allows them to do so.

Beth also reported that the Spot tracker that someone on her team is carrying is no longer working.

Previous AMS Climber on the top of the fixed lines at 16,200',  Yay, Team Norway!

AMS Guide Larry Holmgren and his team is waiting for flyable weather in Basecamp.  They will be back at AMS headquarters as soon as they can fly.

Previous AMS Team descending through the 11,000' camp.  The May 26 moved through this area last night, beautiful!

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