Thursday, July 10, 2014

12 and 15 Day Mountaineering Course

The 12 and 15 day course Instructor, Nick D'Alessio, checked in from the Pika Glacier today.  The group celebrated Jon's birthday last night with cheese cake and candles.  The group is well and enjoying their time in the range.  Today it is raining on them, but it will clear in a a few days, all are in good spirits.

Nick and fellow, Instructor Jake Kayes are teaching classes in the cook tent today.  As soon as the weather clears the students will be able to practice their new skills and travel on the rest of the Pika Glacier!

We look forward to hearing more from this great team of students!

AMS Alumni MTC student rock climbing in the Pika
A group in a cook tent

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jogahunters said...

Love the first picture. That rock looks amazing. I want to experience it.