Saturday, July 12, 2014

AMS Denali, West Buttress: 6/24: Hoeshen and 6/25: Gowler

We have heard from AMS lead guide Rob Gowler that his June 25th team and the June 24th AMS team led by Josh Hoeshen are currently descending from 14,200' camp with the goal of reaching 7,800' this evening. If weather and travel conditions permit, they will be in basecamp tomorrow (7/13/14) morning. We will be awaiting them with fresh fruit and other goodies you cannot get on the mountain. We are excited to hear their stories from their experience on the Great One!

AMS previous crew descending at approximately 11,000' with Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker in the background.
AMS climber Herbert whom was on Denali a couple weeks ago, showing how much snow Denali has seen this year.

A welcome sight to climbers in basecamp: a glacier plane to take them to the green of Talkeetna.

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