Saturday, July 26, 2014

AMS/Patagonia Frontiers/NCC Alaska Returned

Guides Nancy Pfeiffer, Fredrik Norrsell and Gerard Ganey  and Patagonia Frontiers youth group returned to Talkeetna today!    The team has been in the field for 24 days,  they were on a Mountain/Hiking/Rafting expedition.  The trip ended on the Chulitna River.  This group has seen some amazing views and wildlife.  We are sure they will have great stories about the adventure and can't wait to see their photos.

The team had snacks and discovered that even though they were out of the field they still had lots of work to do.   They all pitched in to unload, unpack and clean gear.

Out of the van

Group Photo before unloading gear

Gear waiting to be cleaned and sorted

Cleaning gear

Hanging gear to dry.

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