Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Combined 12/15 Day Mountaineering Course

Instructors Nick D'Alessio and Jake Kayes are excited to be taking such an enthusiastic group to the Pika Galcier for the 12 day Mountaineering Course.  The group could not wait to fly into the range.  They packed their lunches, checked gear and  reviewed skills today.  During lunch packing they referred to them selves as "kids in a candy store".    They are anxious to learn new skills.  Some of this team will fly out on day 12 and the others will continue on for 3 days and hike out of the Alaska Range to complete their 15 day course. 

Front Thomas, Keith, Allie, Josh, back Instructor Jake Kayes, Soren, Jon, Instructor Nick D'Alessio

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