Monday, July 7, 2014

Denali, West Butress: 6/23 AMS/ Mt Professionals Summit!!!

We just got a text from AMS Guide Melis Coady leading the 6/23 AMS/Mt. Professionals Team.

Yesterday, the entire team climbed sucessfully to the top of North America, and were on the the summit of Denali 20, 237' at 5:45 PM.

Today they are resting at high camp where it is currently snowing, so they are enjoying their rest and most likely very thankful that they went for it yesterday!  When it clears, they will make their way down the Moutnain, and could be back in Talkeetna as early as Tuesday morning.

The sun is shining in Talkeetna today so we are hopeful that it will clear up for them later today.

Congratulations to this hardworking and very special team!

Summit of Denali, 20,237'

Perfect clear day, departing on Summit Ridge, photo: Brian Okonek

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