Thursday, July 3, 2014

Denali West Buttress, ALL TEAMS UPDATE

It is another beautiful day on the Mountain.  All of our teams have had a very busy day.  Everyone is happy and in great spirits.

AMS/AMICAL Team 6/22 led by Ronczkowski.  The team carried to 16,400 yesterday and took a rest day at 14,200' today.  Tomorrow they plan to move to high camp depending on the weather, as of now, it is looking in their favor!
Climbers on 16,000' Ridge

AMS/Mt. Professional Team  6/23 led by Coady.  The team carried to Washburn's Thumb (16,400) today.  They plan to take a rest day at 14,200' tomorrow.

Climbers on Washburn's Thumb at 16,400'
AMS Team 6/24 lead by Hoeschen.  The team took a well deserved rest day today.  Tomorrow they plan to carry to 16,400'.

Back carry from 14,200 camp

AMS Team 6/25 lead by Gowler.  The team moved to at 14,200 camp today!   They were busy setting up camp this afternoon and are feeling well.  Tomorrow they will "back carry" which means to go and pick up their food, fuel and gear  they cached at the corner yesterday.

AMS setting up a kitchen mid at 14,200' camp.

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