Thursday, July 10, 2014

Denali, West Buttress AMS Teams: 6/24: Hoeshen and 6/25 Gowler

AMS Guides Josh Hoeschen leading the June 24 AMS team and Rob Gowler leading the June 25 AMS team texted in today.  All are well. 

They are in a storm at 17,200' high camp and are getting the full Denali experience!  Theses teams are playing it smart and waiting out the weather.  They are eating, having hot drinks, resting and getting out to shovel the snow from their tents.

Often in these storm days climbers spend a good deal of time chatting, playing cards and reading in between eating, drinking and shoveling and wall building.  It's rather a lovely simple mountain life.

I have been in storms like this myself and it is just a waiting game.  Our AMS record for waiting out storm days at 17,200' is 12 days (guide Melis Coady record breaker).  Personally, I  have been there for 11 days and we waited and walked around and had fun in the wind, and shoveled, and rested and read 3 books!

We will post updates as we hear them.  All are well.

- Caitlin at AMS

Photo of life during a storm at 17,200' high camp.  These climbers are working together to build snow block walls, the current teams have already done this and will be reinforcing them over the next few days to build the strongest camp ever!

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