Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Denali West Buttress Team Updates

AMS/ MT. Proesssionals 6/23 team led by Coady is moving to 14,200' camp today, all in good spirits and wondering about the World Cup scores. :) We have texted them the latest results!

AMS/AMICAL 6/22 team led by Ronczkowski made it to 14,200' yesterday and are making a back carry today. Everyone is doing great and very happy to be on the mountains.

AMS 6/24 team led by Hoeschen has rested at 11,200' camp and is making a carry up to Windy Corner area today. They will climb high and sleep low to acclimatize their bodies to the higher altitudes.

AMS 6/25 team led by Gowler moved to 11,200' camp yesterday. Their initial time departure was 3 am, but had a small delay due to heavy snow fall. They rolled into camp, got settled in and were in bed by midnight. Most teams reporting amazing views from 11 camp and really enjoying themselves.
AMS crew leaving 11,200' camp ascending higher on the Great One. 

AMS photo of 11,200 camp as the sun is briefly setting. 

AMS photo of area above 11,200 and before Windy Corner: a view our teams would have seen coming back from their carries. With a lot of fresh snow recently, this picture is a good indicator of current conditions.

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