Sunday, August 31, 2014

CWVC July Packraft/Mountaineering Video

We posted a few photos from these guys coming through this summer, but video says it all. Here is something they put together. "Aconcagua challenge"/winter season is fast approaching as Talkeetna had its first frost this weekend! 


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sykes Glacier Trek

It is a beautiful day in Talkeetna!   It has been a very busy morning.  Guide John Sykes has been busy with his team to fly to the Pika Glacier for a Glacier Trek.    The team was looking forward to the flight and the adventure on the glacier.  They were happy to be able to see Denali as they drove to Talkeetna today.

Tonya, Michael, Amanda, Guide John Sykes and Jack

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hoeschen Custom Climb

Guides Josh Hoeschen, Chelsea Bomba along team Mike and Stacey just headed to the airport.  the team is flying to the Pika Glacier for a week of climbing.  They had a busy morning of gear checking and lunch packing.  Chelsea and Josh made them a great lunch.

They were looking forward to rock climbing and skiing.  We are sure the team will have a good time and will of lots to tell us about their adventure.

Enjoying lunch

Mike, Guides Chelsea Bomba, Josh Hoeschen and Stacy

Saturday, August 16, 2014

McAlpine MTC 12 Returns!

The Mountaineering Course returned to Talkeetan after a 1 day delay.  The team is in great spirits.  Instructors Travis McAlpine, Jake Kayes and Karina Amortegui taught the students new skills and they had time to practice.  They moved camp 4 times, ice and rock climbed,  did crevasse rescue.

They were very efficient team on their return. They quickly unloaded the van, separated gear and enjoyed their welcome back snack!

Taking a short break

Please enjoy a few photos from their trip:

AMS McAlpine teaching skills on the Ruth glacier

AMS crevasse rescue skills session

AMS climber Chantelle building an anchor

AMS Glacier skill overview

AMS camp II in the Ruth

AMS participant Sachin ice climbing

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wilderness Hike 8/9, Lisa Jaeger

The Wilderness Hike  team returned today.  They were happy to be back.  They had a great time and saw lots of caribou, dall sheep and a bear.  They are busy cleaning up their gear from the trip.  We're sure that will have lots of stories to share.

Enjoying a meal in camp

Adam, Orlando, Guide Lisa Jaeger, Victoria & Pawel

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

12 day mountaineering course- McAlpine

 We heard from Travis today reporting that all the climbers are getting after it out on the Ruth glacier, gaining experience either rock climbing, ice climbing, or route finding to peaks. Mt. Dickey remains to be climbed this time, but everyone is having a good experience. What a brilliant way to spend a birthday, in the Alaska wilderness! Happy Birthday Jake! The group will be enjoying a special dessert tonight in celebration.

2015 Schedule

We are happy to announce that our 2015 Schedule is now available!  Schedule and Applications are available on our website:  Now is the time to sign up, we hope to see you next season!

Here is the AMS 2015 Denali West Buttress Schedule:
 Denali, West Buttress, 21 days, $7400, 6 climbers:  2-3 guides.    
April 27 – May 17
May 4 - May 24
May 8 - May 28
May 11 - May 31
May 15 - June 4
May 18 - June 7
May 25 –June 14
May 29 - June 18
June 1 - June 21
June 9 - June 29
June 12 - July 2
June 15 - July 7
June 23 - July 13
June 24 – July 14
June 25 - July 15

New for 2015: In order to make the best use of all of our expedition time, we will have a pre-expedition gear check in the afternoon before the start date. Please consider this when making your travel arrangements.

Start date is the day we fly onto the glacier to begin our climb.

Please find some images from our 2014 Denali season below, enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

12 Day Mountaineering Course, McAlpine

Instructor Travis McAlpine called in for the Ruth Gorge.  The team is camped below Mt. Dickey.  Everyone is having a great time and learning lots.  Travis said the team is extremely strong.  Today they plan to ice climb on Wisdom Tooth.  Weather permitting they hope  to do some climbing on Mt. Dickey.

Mt Dickey

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wilderness Hike 8/9 Lisa Jaeger

Guide Lisa Jaeger and team just flew flew to Sheep Back Lake to begin their 7 day hike.  The team arrived at 8:00 AM to begin their adventure.  Guide Lisa had orange juice, coffee, muffins and fresh picked raspberries for them to enjoy as the busy day began.   

There were all interested in seeing a map of where they would be hiking.  They had fun while checking gear and packing lunches.  They were all smiles as they loaded into the van.  We are sure they will have a great adventure!

Looking at maps

Pawel & Victoria getting ready
Orlando packing his backpack

Adam found a new use for a bear canister

Guide Lisa Jaeger, Victoria, Pawel, Adam & Orlando

Monday, August 4, 2014

12 Day Mountaineering Course- McAlpine

 AMS guide Travis McAlpine heads out today to the Ruth Glacier with assistant guides Jake Kayes and Karina Amortegui along with a great group of climbers. The crew got to know each other today, coming in from all parts of the world, enjoyed a lunch at AMS headquarters, learned knots and ascension, then flew out in a glacier landing plane! We know they will have a great time and learn a lot.

AMS lead guide Travis teaching ropework.

Glacier travel set up.

AMS 12 day course: Travis, Matt, Richard, Sachin, Bec, Tom, John, Jake, Karina, and Chantelle. Go team!