Saturday, August 16, 2014

McAlpine MTC 12 Returns!

The Mountaineering Course returned to Talkeetan after a 1 day delay.  The team is in great spirits.  Instructors Travis McAlpine, Jake Kayes and Karina Amortegui taught the students new skills and they had time to practice.  They moved camp 4 times, ice and rock climbed,  did crevasse rescue.

They were very efficient team on their return. They quickly unloaded the van, separated gear and enjoyed their welcome back snack!

Taking a short break

Please enjoy a few photos from their trip:

AMS McAlpine teaching skills on the Ruth glacier

AMS crevasse rescue skills session

AMS climber Chantelle building an anchor

AMS Glacier skill overview

AMS camp II in the Ruth

AMS participant Sachin ice climbing

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