Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ajango Custom Hike 9/7

Guide Deb Ajango and our friends and, guest for over 20 years, Roland, just headed to the airport to begin their adventure.   The team will be dropped off by helicopter at Bear Creek in the Dutch Hills.  They plan to establish a tent base camp and then hike in the tundra from there every day. They will enjoy wild alpine tundra, true AK bushwacking (what Alaska hike would be complete without that?), blueberries, outrageous views of the Alaska Range and good food and company!

Roland and Guide Deb Ajango, AMS dogs Jack and Hendricks

9/15/14 Check out these photos from Deb and Roland's trip to the Dutch Hills, great views of Denali, fall colors, and even a super moon!

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