Monday, September 8, 2014

AMS-Hoeschen- 12 Day Mountaineering

AMS instructor Josh Hoeschen checked in today from the Pika Glacier, they are having splitter weather (climber speak for perfect clear skies).  The course has moved camp and are planning to go rock climbing today.  This area known as "Little Switzerland" and is famous for beautiful and accessible alpine rock climbing routes which emerge from deep snow covered glaciers.  Brian Okonek,  local climber and mentor to AMS founders, was one of the first climbers to explore and climbed many the first ascents here (which means he named them too). 

The team is in a beautiful area, made even better by good weather. This team of six climbers are a lucky group!

This is our last mountaineering course of the 2014 climbing season and they are "crushing it" so far!

Here is an example of some previous climbing action off of the Pika Glacier with AMS.

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