Monday, September 1, 2014

AMS,Hoeschen Custom Climb to Pika, Photos

Guides Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba returned with team Mike and Stacy with some great experience out on the Pika! The trip had a mixed bag of weather: sun for rock climbing followed with some August snow in the range. Here are some photos taken by Chelsea:

AMS climber Michael Ortiz enjoying the Little Switzerland rock climbing area in the Alaska Range.

Not a bad place to hang out, looking at Mt. Foraker and the Pika Glacier. Little Switzerland area.

AMS crew: Josh Hoeschen, Stacy Bare, and Chelsea Bomba.

AMS trip to the Pika: looking out at the feature called the Pirate Ship and AMS basecamp.

AMS climber Michael Ortiz climbing the Hobbit's Footstool off the Pika Glacier.

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