Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hoeschen 12 Day Mountaineernig Course Returns

Instructors Josh Hoeschen, Bace Poplawski and students returned from the Pika Glacier today.  They  are currently enjoying snacks as they sort gear.

They had a great time and learned lots of new skills, moving camp, rock climbing,  crevasse rescue, self arrest, fixed line ascension were just a few of the things Josh and Bace taught. 

Thanks to Instructor Josh Hoeschen for the sharing the photos.

Learning protection placement

Fernando doing line ascension

Practicing self-arrest

Instructors Bace Poplawski, Josh Hoeschen, Zach, Fernando,Vibhu, and Johnnie in front,  Hendricks one of the AMS dogs likes to have his picture taken

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