Sunday, January 25, 2015

News Flash: AMS Guide places 2nd in South Pole Marathon

AMS Guide Melis Coady places second in the South Pole Marathon on January 17, 2015.

Temperature -21F, Wind speed 12 knots, windchill -48F
Elevation: 9,300 (higher with cold air mass and low barometric pressure)
Course: 7.5 laps on soft snow on boring terrain, a tractor trail among scientific equipment (10m telescope, Ice Cube Neutrino Project, and Ice core drilling rigs). 
Find ot more by climbing Denali with her, she's launching June 24, 2015

Melis has been part of the AMS family for a long, long time and she used some awesome winter logicitcal efforts to do so well in this race, down in Antarctic. ...Okay, so she was 1 of 2 competitors, but she will still have lots to tell about this event, including her time...

Melis is leading the AMS June 24th Denali, West Buttress Expedtion and it currently has openings of 6 climber positions available.  If you have a team that is ready (and willing to train up) for an expedtion up Denali, this is a rare opportunity to climb with a group of friends at the best deal possible.  Melis provides professional leadership and lots of fun on her expedtions on North America's highest mountain.

To find out more and sign up, go to our website:

or email us:

Her climbers can be found climbing in responsible big mountain style, with fine attention to good health, and laughing a lot along the way.  (Kind of sounds like a familar holiday song, we can add some bell-on-bob-tails ringing...) But hey, it's true just look at her big smile...

AMS Guide Melis Coady at 20,320', she brought her team sucessfully to the top of Denali 2014.  

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