Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Congrats CWVC Team, another job well done.


Today at 2:00 PM Argentine time, CWVC - Aconcagua team members Brian and Dom and AMS guides Joey McBrayer and Augustine Karrierre reached the top of Aconcagua, 22,841 feet.

CWVC members Billy, Roland and guide Colby Coombs climbed to their high point of approximately 20,600', which is across a very long traverse (seen in photo below).  All team members are now back at White Rocks camp and everyone is in bed after eaten a small meal before crawling into their welcoming and cozy sleeping bags.  Tonight they will rest very well,  after the huge efforts everyone made today. Well done everyone.

The weather was very clear and cold as they started climbing in the dark hours of the early morning.  The traverse conditions consisted of challenging mix of rocks, hard-packed snow and ice to negotiate.

We can't wait to hear their stories and see their photos, I'm sure Billy has some amazing footage to share!

The shadow cast over the Andes Range by Aconcagua's summit from the rising sun. This is a treat they had today.

The summit day traverse trail is covered in snow, canaletta begins just out of sight of the trail near the triangular rock face.

Looking back at the traverse and the Andes.
This location is almost at the base of the canaletta, a steep section which requires great effort.

Climbers above the canaletta, on the summit ridge, which take so , so, so very long, everyone at this point is moving very slowly, 3-4 breaths for each step.

This climber sums it up! With view from the top of South America and the Western Hemisphere.  

In the next days, the plan is as follows:

Feb. 18, Tomorrow: Descend with gear back to Plaza de Mulas, reunite with Josh and guide Karina.

Feb. 19, Thursday: Rest, Eat, organize loads for mules and pack up of the hike out.

Feb. 20, Friday: Hike 12 miles from plaza de Mulas to Confluence Camp.

Feb. 21, Saturday: Hike 6 miles from  Confluencia camp to Horcones Valley road-head, transfer to Punta de Vacas to pick up baggage carried by mules and drive in van back to Mendoza.

We look forward to seeing this team back in Mendoza.  We are ready to take them out for a big Argentine steak dinner!

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