Saturday, February 14, 2015

CWCV - Aconcagua Update

The CWVC - Aconcagua team is doing well on the mountain and making excellent progress.  AMS guide Colby Coombs phone in last night, here is his report:

The Higher Altitude Unit made it to Camp Canada yesterday. They set up camp and were settled in by 1:00 PM, making good time with 3 hours of moving.  When I spoke with Colby at about 8:00 PM Argentina time, he said all was well and they were settled in for the night; reading, writing or sleeping after having eaten well at dinner.  The Lower Altitude Unit, with AMS guide Bace Poplawski, was in basecamp, doing well; they gathered data, soaking up the culture of basecamp and were also settled in for the night.

Plan for Today:

The High Altitude Unit will single carry to the second camp called Nido de Condors ( Nest of the Condors) at 18,340', which puts them ahead of schedule by one day- this indicates that they are feeling strong.

The Lower Altitude Unit will be hiking the difficult 12 miles back to Camp Confluencia today.  I bet they will make good time, due to the decrease in altitude.  They will feel stronger with each step and the data will be interesting as compared to the hike up.

Plan for Tomorrow: 

The High Altitude Unit will take a rest and acclimization day; they will likely sleep in, eat as much as possible, play cards, collect data, take naps, and take a day hike up the trail to give their bodies a feel for higher elevations.

The Lower Altitude Unit will hike out to the roadhead and transport back to Mendoza in the evening, we look forward to welcoming them back.

We wish the entire team the very best to today, they all have a lot of hard work ahead of them.

As you know, we do not have direct photos from the mountain at this time, but you can see from the photos below of where the high team is going to today.  Enjoy!

Nice map of the route. You can also find a great map on the CWVC website, link is above.

A welcoming sign to the "Nido", letting climbers know they are in the correct place!
Sunset view from Nido and a look at the route ahead
Informative image, their next camp will be White Rocks, which is close by Berlin camp, first yellow arrow on the skyline. Their camp is at the yellow arrow in the center photo ont he face of the mountain, (not on skyline). 

View of Nido de Condors, camp and their view.
Similar image, but with more tents and closer up, the camps become a nice community of climbers.

Pano image of campsite and the views of the Andes beyond, they are UP THERE!

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