Friday, February 20, 2015

CWVC Aconcagua, its not over until its over...

AMS Guide Colby Coombs called in tonight and CWVC - Anconcagua Team departed Plaza de Mulas, basecamp in less that ideal weather conditions for the 12 mile hike out to Confluencia camp today.

Instead of a speedy heat-dodging hike, as was the case on the approach, they left basecamp with their mountaineering boots, full outerwear on and had to break trail through fresh snow today.  It was yet another big day today for this team, and of course, they pulled through and were welcomed into Confluencia Camp this evening at about 8:30 PM, making this nearly a nine hour day of hiking in wind and wet snow.   These temperatures are prime for hypothermia and one has to be extra vigilant  in these conditions.  Colby called it "a pretty burley day"  which is climber slang for: hard work in bad weather; it was tough and required a lot of mental and pyhsicl strenght and commitment.

Although a tough day for our team today, we are glad that the mountain is getting some much needed precipitation. We are also thankful that they are not suck in a storm high on the mountain right now.   When climbing big mountains, if at all possible, you must take advantage of the good weather to move up in, and this team did just that.  Well played.  

We look forward to welcoming back tomorrow and all is still on schedule for their return into Mendoza tomorrow in the late afternoon.

Confluencia camp in the snow!
Plaz De Mulas in a snow storm, they most likely left camp in similar conditions.

On a better day, climbers and mules get ready to depart from  Plaza de Mulas base camp.

Mules carrying climbers loads on Aconcaguas Normal Route

Another good shot of mules carrying climbers gear  back from Aconcagua.

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