Monday, February 9, 2015

CWVC Aconcagua Team at Plaza de Mulas

Just a quick late night note that CWVC - Aconcagua  has arrived into Plaza De Mulas, which will serve as their basecamp for the next 3-4 days, and wher ethey will spend a night upon descent.  AMS guide Colby Coombs phoned in just a few minutes ago to let us know that all is well; everyone has eaten a good dinner and are settled into their tents for a well deserved rest, these are good signs that they are acclimatizing well.

Congrats to everyone for making the long hike to 14,009 feet today.  They were met along the way with some friendly faces from AMS guides guiding other trips here which always brightens the day.

They are all now sleeping soundly and will enjoy a "rest day" tomorrow while accilmating, doing research, and organizing extra food, fuel and gear items to carry up the mountain to cache for upward progress.

Good luck team!

A look at the upper moutnain route

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