Sunday, February 8, 2015

CWVC AMS, Aconcagua Expedtion Report

AMS lead guide, Colby Coombs, called in this morning to report that CWVC- Aconcagua made it to Confluencia at 10,892',  the first camp on the approach.  This camp is called confluencia (confluence) due to its location where two rivers meet.  They are doing well and got to bed late last night after their 6 mile hike.

Today they will rest and take a short hike up a river valley to look at the south face and acclimatize.  They will sleep at Confluencia tonight and get a pre-dawn start in the moring for the long 12 mile hike to Plaza de Mulas, 14,009' tomorrow.

Below are photos from other sources on the web, and are not a photo of them, but shows the type of terrain they travelled on yesterday, with Aconcagua in the background.

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