Monday, February 9, 2015

CWVC Aconcagua Update

AMS Guide Colby Coombs, phoned in from Confluencia camp last night, elevation 10,892'.  The team is doing well and is moving up to the base camp, Plaza de Mulas at 14,009 feet on schedule.

Yesterday, part of the team stayed a thte confluencia camp and did research projects, team leader Peter Quintanilla said that he thought it was some of the best research they have done in the mountains.

The other part of the team did a sucessful 4 hour accliamitazation hike towrds the the south face.

They team had an early start today with some of them team leaving at 2 AM and the other leaving a bit later to avoid the heat of the day on the 12 mile beautiful river bed hike today.  This hike is amazing and it is very open, dry and very hot during the day.  This area reminds some climbers of a lunar lanscape, we will have to see what Dom thinks about that!

We are wishing them lots of luck today, we estimate with the gain in altitude of 3,114' and 12 miles it may take the team aprox. 12- 15 hours of moving today.  They will take a well deserved rest day tomorrow at Plaza De Mulas, the basecamp for staging for the upper moutnain.

Photos of where they will are going to be today, the reports are that itis very dry in the mountains this year, thought they are expecting a dusting of snow in a few days, which will be good.

They will be travling from Confulencia up the the Horcones River Valley to Palza de Mulas Camp today.

Wide open horcones valley, Mules helping to carry gear, thank you mules!
Steep terrain on the final approaches to Plaza de Mulas, these animals are very stable in the mountains.

Plaza de Mulas aka Basecamp, with the climbing route above, basecamp tents where Rangers and doctors stay and also where ou team will be eating meals, we also have a large Mt. Hardwear Dome tent where we will stage from.

Plaza De Mulas, climbers tents, looking towrad the Horcones Valley.

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