Sunday, February 15, 2015

CWVC - Aconcagua Update

The CWVC - Aconcagua Team is doing well.  AMS owner and guide, Colby Coombs called in with this report:

Welcome back!

The Low Altitude Unit made super time and arrived at the trail head nearly 4 hours ahead of schedule, lots of new discoverys regarding equipment and mountain adventures were made in the past 2 days with them.  They are safely in Mendoza tonight and we have enjoyed seeing their smiling faces and hearing some of stories.

White Rock Camp, coming up for tomorrow... What an amazing view.
Today, the High Altitude Unit rested at Nido camp, 18,340'.  They had a good rest today with everyone eating well and feeling well.  They plan to move to high camp, called White Rocks, at 19,400 feet tomorrow,  so.... a a big day ahead!

From the High Altitude Unit, Josh with AMS guide Karina, have descended to Plaza de Mulas (basecamp).  By all accounts, Josh has been super strong this whole time, but the very high altitude was not cooperating, so yesterday afternoon, he and Karina departed for basecamp.  They arrived safely and today Josh has already started day hiking and documenting his oxygen saturation levels at specific elevations, among other details.

All CWVC team members are in good spirits!

View from Nido de Condores camp.  We know they are enjoying this view for the rest of us.

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