Thursday, February 12, 2015

CWVC / AMS Aconcagua 2015

The team is doing well!

They had a rest day today anfter making a carry to Camp Canada, 16,667 feet above sea level, yesterday, this is the first of 3 camps they will make higher on the Aconcagua.

They will split into 2 teams: with Josh, Dom, Billy, Roland and Brian heading higher and with Pete, Mark, Ted, and Dave staying a Plaza De Mulas for a bit to do some more research before heading back to Mendoza.

These guys are an awesome group and we can't wait to hear thier stories, they all have a great deal of hard work ahead of them in the coming days.

Here are photos of the upper mountain route and Camp Canada at 16,667', where part of the team will move to tomorrow.

Here you get a sense of scale, and route they have traveled, Camp Canada is at the outcropping of rocks, center photo.  Spot climbers on the right , heading up to camp 2.

Closer view of the amazing views from camp 2, They team is wishing for more snow, it is very dry this year.  

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Thomas Barnhill said...

Go Team! I hope Colby brought his good luck, one-piece windsuit and a big can of Drum so the crew has success!