Monday, February 16, 2015

CWVC at High Camp

AMS Guide Colby Coombs with the very strong CWVC - Aconcagua called in at about 8 PM Mendoza, Argentina time.

The High Altitude Unit reached their high camp "White Rocks" at 19,400 feet, at 1:15PM today. They are are doing well and had a good afternoon of rest.  They continue to eat well and keep their spirits high.  It took them only 3 hours and 45 minutes to move up to high camp.

The weather is very good and if that remains, and if they are feeling good, they will make a summit attempt tomorrow.  If they decide to go for it - it will be slow and steady going, as is the norm, at these high altitudes.

I'm sure they are sleeping now and will be excited to hit the trail in the ealry morning. The temperatures are very cold up there and they will be bundled up in nearly all of their clothes and their big down parkas for most of the day tomorrow.

We are hoping that they have calm weather with minimal winds.  Aconcagua is famous for its viento blanco (white winds), and for good reason, the winds get very strong on the mountain often causing teams to wait for days and days for a summit attempt, we are hoping their luck stays with them for the morning!

All CWVC team members are in good spirits.

We are so proud to work with these exceptional people.

White Rocks campsite, 19,400' note: this photo shows snow, our team does not have any.

View of White Rocks camp and the view of the andes beyond = AWESOME.

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