Saturday, February 7, 2015

CWVC with AMS Departs Mendoza

We had a few busy days here in Mendoza, yesterday the CWVC Team departed for a hotel in a small ski area called Penitentes at 8,465' elevation, today, they finally get to begin hiking.  

These are photos of their departure from Mendoza yesterday, they did a great job and all were packed and ready early.

AMS Guide and Managing Member, Colby Coombs phoned in at 10:00 pm last night and said all went well with arrvial and arranging Mule loads; mules help to carry some of their team, medical and personal gear to their camp tonight at 10,892 and their midway basecamp at 14,009'.  Above that they wil be 100% human powered.

As previously mentioned, last night the team spent the night at the ski resort at nearly 8,465’, this 3 + hour move up by mini bus was an important acclimatization day and night for them.   As you can see from the photos with water bottles in hand, they are doing a good job keeping hydrated, this helps their bodies acclimatize better. 

Today they have already hit the trail where they will pass by some scenery with an alpine lake, over small bridges, tall trees and into higher alpine and dry river bed landscapes, to a rierbed campsite at 10,892 feet above sea level.  I hope they will be able to send me a photo or two via text…we shall see!

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