Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Expedition Availability Update

The Denali mountaineering season is coming up quickly, our first expedition launches in less than 60 days. We have just a few places open early season, but several of our late season trips are available. If you are interested in a 2015 Denali climb now is the time to register! 

AMS guides Melis Coady and Tim Hewette at the South Pole January 2015

We have assigned our lead guides for 2015 Denali West Buttress Expeditions.  Please keep in mind that a lot can happen in the next few months so we plan as best we can,  but can't absolutely guarantee that the assignments will remain as seen. All of our guides are qualified professionals in this field with many, many years of experience, several lead AMS guides have been guiding and climbing for 20 plus years. 
Denali, West Buttress, 21 days, $7400, 6 climbers:  2-3 guides

May 4 - May 24,      1 place available, lead guide: Nate Opp

May 8 - May 28,      FULL, Custom, lead guide: Josh Hoeschen

May 11 - May 31,    FULL, lead guide: Dustin English 

May 15 - June 4,     FULL, lead guide: Noah Ronczkowski

May 18 - June 7,     FULL, lead guide:  Larry Holmgren

May 25 - June 14,   FULL, lead guide: Todd Tumolo

May 26 - June 19,   FULL, Custom, lead guide: Colby Coombs

May 27 - June 16,   FULL, Custom, lead guide: Dustin Eroh

May 29 - June 18,   FULL, lead guide: Alex Stroud

June 1 - June 21,    FULL, lead guide: Mark Postle

June 9 - June 29,    FULL, lead guide: Elliot Gaddy

June 12 - July 2,     2 places available, lead guide: Mike Hamill

June 15 - July 7      4 places available, lead guide: Noah Ronczkowski

June 23 - July 13,   4 places available, lead guide: TBA

June 24 - July 14,   6 places available, lead guide: Melis Coady

June 25 - July 15,   3 places available, lead guide: Rob Gowler 

Denali, Full West Rib, 21 days, $8400, 4 climbers: 2 guides

June 3-23, 1 place available, lead guide: Josh Hoeschen

Aconcagua Returns

After some long flights back to the States the Wounded Veterans Challenge have safely returned from climbing Aconcagua, 22,841'. Gear is getting put away and research is being complied. The Traumatic Brain Injury participants better understand how their conditions are affected by altitude and the guys with prosthetics are tweaking their designs with new ideas. We learned a lot and looking forward to the next expeditions: including Mt Brooks on the north side of Denali National Park this August and an Alaska Range Mountaineering Course this June.