Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our thoughts are with Nepal

Recent Nepal Earthquake Devastation:

We have been in touch with our friends in Nepal and they have suffered some losses and are working toward healing and repairs at this time. Please take a moment with us and remember a country and climbing community is strong and beautiful, and now in great need of support to rebuild. Our thoughts are with Nepal.

The best organization that we know that is for the heart of Nepal and their climbing communities is
the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation. They remain small and began several supportive programs for this region, including the Khumbu Climbing Center; it is a key competent in teaching the Sherpa people climbing skills to create a safer environment/help get folks jobs on Everest. They are based in Phortse and have strong connections with this village, which has been devastated by the earthquake.

(Photos above are from the ALCF)

For further updates and information check out Jake Norton's Mountain World Productions 

Monday, April 27, 2015

6 day Mountaineering Course- Sykes

Our first 6 Day Mountaineering Course of the 2015 season flew to Glacier 1 yesterday! Instructors John Sykes and Adam Fabrikant and the whole group packed up and flew out on schedule. They had a busy day organizing equipment and practicing knots and fixed line ascension, their first new skills!
Nick & Jen Baker, Tim Nixon, Instructor Adam Fabrikant, Seth DeGroot, Randy Sooter, Instructor John Sykes, Ryan Jurkovic

Loading up for the flight at Talkeetna Air Taxi

Friday, April 24, 2015

12 DAy Mountaineering Course: English

Today is a perfect day to begin our 12 Day Mountaineering Course.   Instructors Dustin English, Chelsea Bomba and team just departed for the airport.  The team has had a busy fun day so far.  They are anxious to get to the Ruth and begin their classes.  They were all smiles for their picture!

Taylor, Esther, Instructor Chelsea Bomba, Emily, Instructor Dustin English and Ted

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Staff Medical Protocal Refresher

The season is gearing up!

Three days of medical refresher taught by Lance Taysom for a few of our staff members for the 2015 season.

Today's snow piled up with multiple feet in the Alaska range and everything from hail to sun to snow flurries here in Talkeetna.

Check out the photos below...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Expedition Availability

There is still time to sign up to for an Expedition this season! 

We have assigned our lead guides for 2015 Denali West Buttress Expeditions.  Please keep in mind that a lot can happen in the next few months so we plan as best we can,  but can't absolutely guarantee that the assignments will remain as seen. All of our guides are qualified professionals in this field with many, many years of experience, several lead AMS guides have been guiding and climbing for 20 plus years. 
Denali, West Buttress, 21 days, $7400, 6 climbers:  2-3 guides

May 4 - May 24,      1 place available, lead guide: Nate Opp

May 8 - May 28,      FULL, Custom, lead guide: Josh Hoeschen

May 11 - May 31,    FULL, lead guide: Dustin English 

May 15 - June 4,     FULL, lead guide: Noah Ronczkowski

May 18 - June 7,     FULL, lead guide:  Larry Holmgren

May 25 - June 14,   FULL, lead guide: Todd Tumolo

May 26 - June 19,   FULL, Custom, lead guide: Colby Coombs

May 27 - June 16,   FULL, Custom, lead guide: Dustin Eroh

May 29 - June 18,   FULL, lead guide: Alex Stroud

June 1 - June 21,    FULL, lead guide: Mark Postle

June 9 - June 29,    FULL, lead guide: Elliot Gaddy

June 12 - July 2,     3 places available, lead guide: Mike Hamill

June 15 - July 7      4 places available, lead guide: Noah Ronczkowski

June 23 - July 13,   4 places available, lead guide: TBA

June 24 - July 14,   6 places available, lead guide: Melis Coady

June 25 - July 15,   3 places available, lead guide: Rob Gowler 

Denali, Full West Rib, 21 days, $8400, 4 climbers: 2 guides

June 3-23, 1 place available, lead guide: Josh Hoeschen

High Camp Walls

Climbing Season Begins

Another bright sunny day in Talkeetna!  We're excited to have instructors here packing for our Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue  Workshop.  The season has begun!  It is nice to have activity around here.

Instructor Karina Amortegui cutting cord

Instructor Travis McApline packing gear