Sunday, May 24, 2015

All AMS Denali Expedtion Update

All is well, yet still windy and snowy at mid and higher elevations on Denali's West Buttress yesterday. It was snowing and blowing yesterday at 14,200' so all teams stayed at their locations.

The AMS/AG May 8 team led by guides: Josh Hoeschen and Beth Cleary remain at the 14,200' camp.

The AMS May 11 team by guides Dustin English and John Sykes remain at the 14,200' camp.

The AMS May 15 team led by guides Noah Ronczkowski and Adam Fabrikant remain at the 14,200' camp.

The AMS May 18 team led by guides Larry Holmgren and Nate Emerson remain at 11,000' camp.

All AMS teams are safe and yesterday, they enjoyed each others company and have been maintaing their campsites. I'm sure they were very happy they built nice snow walls when they had the chance the other day, as the winds sound like they were over 30 mph at times at 14,200' yesterday.

Sounds like some quality tent time today, and plenty of time for shoveling, reading, card games and story telling...

Denali, West Buttress Route, with high winds shown by lenticulars at higher elevations.
11,000' camp, windy corner and 14,200' and high camp are shown nicely in this photo.

Denali, West Buttress route marked with camps.

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