Saturday, May 30, 2015

All AMS Teams Mountain Update.

Its a clear, calm and, believe it or not, a scorching hot day on Denali at 14,200' and lower elevations.

All AMS teams report that all is going well.

AMS team 5/15 led by guides Noah Ronczkowski and Adam Fabrikant are moving down to 14,200' today and will rest for a while and then continue to descend to basecamp tonight; they will travel through the night and hope to fly out to Talkeetna tomorrow morning. This is a long day with alot of miles underfoot for this team.  Its amazing how fast it will go for them.

AMS team decending the 16K ridgeline from 17,200', high camp.

Previous AMS team on the all nigth descent form 14,200' This is is aprox. 13,400'

AMS team 5/18 led by guides Larry Holmgren and Nate Emerson are resting today and plan to move to high camp, 17,200' early tomorrow morning. They are doing great.
Previous AMS team moving up the fixed lines on the way to 17,200'

AMS team 5/25 led by guides Todd Tumolo and Jeremiah Phelps carried to windy corner today, they plan to move to 14,200' tomorrow and they are feeling strong. They are camped at 11,000' tonight.
AMS at windy corner on a beautiful and calm day.

AMS team 5/26 led by guides Colby Coombs and Michael Gardener are at Windy Corner and are moving up to 14,200' camp today.
AMS moving around Windy Corner and into 14,200 ' camp

14,200' camp and the view to the west, Denali National Park

AMS team 5/27 led by guides Dustin Eroh and Curtis Green made a carry to 9,800 yesterday and will move to 11,000' camp today.

AMS moving up from 7,800' to 11,000 camp, view down glacier to the south, the Kahilnta Glacier is a big one and this is a great day for the views.

AMS team 5/29 led by guides Alex Stroud and Scott Patch enjoyed an acclimation day at 7,200' basecamp today, tonight they plan to move to 7,800'.

Steller views from 7,800' camp.

The Denali Prep/ Kahiltna Dome expedtion is doing great.  They are making their way up to their next camp near 9,800' Denali Pass. Photos below: camp life on the Denali Prep/ K' Dome course.

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