Thursday, May 28, 2015

AMS 5/11 and 5/18 Team: REcent photos of life at 14,200 Camp life

Returning AMS guide, BEth Cleary was thoughtful and took a few photos of our teams at 14,200' a few days ago. She has returned from the lad of white to the land of the green and sent these on to us to share with you at home!

AMS 5/11 Denali Team @ 14,200'
Can you guess..? from the AMS 5/15 Denali Team
AMS guides Noah Ronczkowski and Adam Fabrikant
The 5/15 team taking a break between storm at 14,200'
AMS 5/18 Denali life in the kitchen tent at 14,200'
AMS 5/18 Denali Guides, Nate Emerson and Larry Holmgren their snow kitchen.

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