Sunday, May 10, 2015

AMS Advanced Mountaineering Adventures in the Ramparts- Runyan

AMS instructor and guide Greg Runyan and climbers Alan Davis and Zach Gleszler had an amazing time in a somewhat harder to get to area of the Alaska Range. The weather window and group size allowed for them to sneak in and explore, ski, and practice lots of great mixed mountaineering skills.
AMS crew setting up Camp I by digging snow walls and establishing a cook tent 

AMS Camp I with the cool feature of the "cat's ears" set in the background

AMS crew going up and setting snow protection, as well as using natural rock protection

AMS climber Alan taking in the views of the Kahiltna Glacier and the beauty all around
AMS climber getting in a bit of mixed climbing, practicing setting rock and snow protection

AMS team practicing safe protocols of probing the snow in the early morning, before the sun began to weaken the snow bridges across the crevasses. 

AMS team going for a ski tour in the Ramparts

AMS team enjoying  the glory days in the Ramparts

AMS participant Zach getting after some great corn/Spring skiing in the Ramparts 

AMS advanced course's last day in the Ramparts,  after being tent bound for 72 hours, they witnessed from a safe distance the natural avalanche cycle shed the recent storm snow and rain

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