Friday, May 22, 2015

AMS All Denali Teams Update

Today was a good day on Denali, lots of good times and some good movement today.

The 5/8 AMS/AG Team led by AMS guides Josh Hoeschen and Beth Cleary called in with reports on all teams.  The 5/8 team reamined at 14,200' today, they geared up to move to high camp, but quickly turned back due to increasing winds on the route.  A wise choice, as winds have been aproximatly 40 MPH on the ridge today.  When they returned to camp, the set camp back up and buidl more snow block walls, they are all happy and are awaiting the weather.  They are ready to move when the weather allows.

The 5/11 AMS expediton led by Dustin English and John Sykes had a well earned rest day at 14,200' camp. they are eating a tasty pad thai diner tonight and are enjoying the comraderaie of the other AMS teams and climbers at 14,200', they too built snow block walls today. If weather is good, they will make a carry up to 16,200' tommorow.

AMS 5/15  lead by Noah Ronczkowski and Adam Fabrikant arrived into 14,200' camp at about 3:00 PM today and looked happy, heathy and strong upoon arrival.  Awesome News.  They set up camp, built walls and are enjoying a hot meal right now.  If weather cooperates tomorrow, they will descend to 13,500' to pick up their previously cached food, fuel and gear and return to camp at 14,200' this is a mini rest day and help with acclimatization.

AMS 5/18 lead by Larry Holmgren and Nate Emerson moved to 11,000' today, all is good with this team and they are traveling well together.  They are doing great and Larry says they are super strong, All is well with them!

AMS building camp and nice snow block walls on the Upper Kahiltna Glacier.
AMS moving around windy corner
AMS building an igloo at 14,200'
14,200' camp and the West Buttress Route track is shown in phot left. 
Typical AMS Denali kitchen and walls
Partial view looking toward the south west into the vast Denali National park from 14,200' camp.

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