Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AMS All Denali, West Buttress Teams Update

The weather is clear and relatively calm today on Denali, all climbers are happy about that, and have been waiting patiently for a break int he winds.

AMS teams are looking and feeling strong.

AMS May 11 team led by Dustin English is at 14,200' the team is planning a climb to 17,200' today, they will asses their timeframe, the weather, snow climbing and avalanche conditions on the higher mountain once at high camp and determine what ther next steps will be.  Here is hoping for this nice stable weather to hold strong for them.

AMS May 15 team led by Noah Ronczkowski is moving to 17,200' feet today: feelign good and feeling stoked!

AMS May 18 team led by Larry Holmgren moved to 14,200' yesterday, they had some winds around windy corner when they moved yesterday, but moved well and they even picked up thier cache on the way up, which means they are feeling strong.  They are taking a well deserved rest today at 14,200'.

AMS May 25 team led by Todd Tumolo carried to Kahiltna Pass and have cached items this morning and plan to move to 11,000' tomorrow. They will camp at 7,800' today and will enjoy company with AMS 5/26 team.

AMS May 26 team led by Colby Coombs moved to 7,800' early this morning and are settled in and resting in nice weather.  Knowing Colby, I bet they will have quesadillas today for a mid-day snack.

All is well, it's a beautiful day on the mountain.

AMS team setting up camp at 14,200' camp

AMS Team appriaching the base of the fixed lines, aprox. 15,300'

AMS ascending the fixed lines to 16,200'

Climbers on the 16,200 ridge to 17,200 high camp.  This photo taken from a passing aircraft.

AMS climbers on the spectaular 16,200' ridge en route to 17,200', Mt. Foraker and the ALska Range in the background.

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