Saturday, May 16, 2015

AMS at 11 K: AMS/ AG, 5/11: Hoeschen, 5/4: Opp and 5/11: English

AMS Guide Josh Hoeschen checked in from 11K camp this afternoon.  The team is doing well, they are building snow block wind walls and are enjoying each others company.  The team is planning on spending a day or two resting and acclimatizing.   The weather is improving and it is sunny, but the winds are still too strong to move camp.

They also let us know that that the 5/4 team led by Nate Opp and the 5/11 led by Dustin English are also at 11,000' camp and are doing well and are patiently awaiting for the winds to decrease in order to make upward progress.

Weather days are common on Denali and we have them built into the AMS climbing schedules.

Previous AMS team building walls and setting up home sweet snow home.

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