Friday, May 29, 2015

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren, 5/25: Tumolo, 5/26: Coombs, 5/27: Eroh

Its a beautiful day on The Mountain.

AMS team 5/18 led by guides Larry Holmgren and Nate Emerson acclimitized today and hiked up to the top of the fixed lines. They are looking forward to their move to high camp.

16,400' on Denali, just past the top of the fixed lines

AMS team 5/25 led by Guide Todd Tumolo and Jeremiah Phelps back carried today, picking up their previously caches food, fuel and super warm clothing for higher up. This day kind of feels  like a rest day for them.

AMS team 5/26 led by Colby Coombs and Michael Gardener are resting happily at 11,000' today.

11,000' camp looking towards the West Buttress proper of Denali in the clouds...

AMS team 5/27 led by Dustin Eroh and Curtis Green are making upward progress as well, and are either carrying to 9,800' or will move to 11,000' - Ill keep you updated.
7,800' camp looking into the north east fork of the Kahiltna Glacier and the western face of Denali.

All teams report all is well!  Great news and great work everyone!

AMS guide Greg Collins, requesting snow blocks that are "this big"  to build a fortified AMS camp.


Brigitte Elie said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren
Dear Gilles, wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sending you all my love. Hope your team made you a special ice cream cake! I am so proud of you. Can't wait to hear all your stories! Love you. Brigitte

The Sommers said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren

Please convey our birthday wishes to Gilles - way to go! The Sommers family

Heather Kaye said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GILLES!!! We cannot wait for your safe return and to hear who had the smelliest socks!
Congratulations on this most epic of climbs!
With love and pride and WARMTH from Shanghai,
XOXOOX the Kaye Clan
(Matilds and Charlotte want to know why there's snow in May where you are...)

Stephanie from Shanghai said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Gilles!!!! Ca l'air si beau!! J'ai bien hate de t'entendre raconter cette si belle aventure. On t'embrasse bien fort et pense a' toi!

Anonymous said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren - - - Dearest Gilles!! Happy Birthday! Bubblies await you at Ginger! You are super cool, our fitness inspiration. Stay warm and safe! Hugs and kisses, Betty

Crystyl Mo said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren: A note to Gilles Boulianne from Shanghai: Hello up there you wild and crazy and inspiring guy! We in Shanghai are thinking of you, admiring you and sending our love (from our cozy couches). Happy birthday!!! Big warm hugs to you and your whole incredible climbing team. Love, Crystyl, Anthony and Phoenix.

Jean-Jacques Elie said...

WOW! these guys are close to heaven! Sharp models for humanity..We wish the best and happy birthday for our beloved Gilles Boulianne brother-in-law.
Marie A. and JJElie xxx

Aubin Torck said...

AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren

Tres bon anniversaire gilles! de ce que je vois tout ce passe tres bien, jespere que tu passe un temps merveilleux et inoubliable dans la stratosphere, tu es presque arrive dans l'espace! ;) bonne chance pour le reste du voyage!
A tres bientot birthday boy,


Estelle&Frank Boulianne said...

This is for Gilles Boulianne --5/18 Holmgren Way to go and keep up the good work, we are watching you. Happy Birthday we are so <Proud of you, you are very close to your brother Pierre and he is keeping an eye on you. Mom &Dad

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ever inspiring Gilles. You make Singapore proud!!The time you spent in Singapore,the food you ate in Singapore,the friends who always miss you in Singapore:are now all experiencing super joy and pride as we see so proudly!! May the lovely ice cream cake,never forgettable socks and the new moments of fulfillment be simply the new reasons (can imagine you need no reasons) for you to always be the Great Human and inspiration you are in the many many birthdays to come. Many Happy, successful returns of the day!!Laakh and the beauties!

Estelle Boulianne said...

Bonne Fete Gilles 5/18 Holmgren We are with you all the way Mom & Dad

Estelle Boulianne said...

AMS:Denali:5/18:Holmgren A very Happy Birthday from Kapuskasing Ontario
we are very excited for you we are checking on you continually Bonne chance, on t'aime beaucoup

Anonymous said...

Bonne fete mon grand frere! Wishing you the gift of fine weather and views that will stay with you forever. Gonna have a cold one for you! We have a scotch together next time. Love you! Marcel

Rebecca Catching said...

Gilles! Congratulations ! You are a phenomenal person. We are all so proud of you. Say hi to Ken for me too.

Hope you are all enjoying the amazing scenery and that joints aren't too sore and feet not too cold ;)Looking forward to toasting to your accomplishment when you return!

Simon said...

Gilles ++ au top du top! Joyeux anniversaire et reviens-nous vite!

Hua Family said...

Dear Gilles,

We are all very happy to hear good news of your ascent and trust that you had a very memorable and exciting birthday up on the mountain. We're looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back!

Lots of love from Corinne, Hua lei, Dominique and Joseph xxx

vivian said...

Dear Gilles,
Congratulations with your birthday in an adventurous place. Impressive what you are doing. Keep going with your adventurous life. See you soon in Shanghai. Big hug en take care Markus and Vivian.

Karen and Julian said...

Gilles: AMS Denali: 5/18: Holmgren
We are thinking of you. You are an inspiration to us. We look forward to hearing the tales of your adventures. Que tous tes désirs se réalisent. Bonne fête.